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Rendering – At the Moment (Unknown Theater)

Rendering – At the Moment
Born Dance Company presents “Rendering – At the Moment” as a part of Unknown Theater’s 2009 Dance Series this July.

New dance and performance work by Born Dance Company.
Artistic director, Won-sun Choi presents a unique series of bodily movements drawing upon traditions of both the East and the West. Her dynamic choreographic approach is filled with aliveness as newly “born” movements are created at the moment of performance. Rendering — at the Moment intricately describes stories relating to the human condition throughout time and is weaved with a tapestry of multi-cultural and social perspectives. This show draws you into a culturally rich space created by dynamic aliveness of the movements, along with grotesque traditional Korean masks, long drapes, vivid colors, passionate beats, and abstract visual-media presentations.

For the diverse corporeal re-presentations about the life, “Rendering II – Life Journey: v. 2” and “Rendering III – Tal” (premiere) will be presented. Sue Roginski’s “Sandival’s Story: Three Chapters” (premiere), Byung-ju Yoon’s “Yeo” (premiere), and Ji-young Jung’s “Just Look At There” (premiere) will also be presented. In collaboration with the performers: Carrie Mikuls, Kijai Salimu, and Victoria Smith. Each of you is encouraged to participate as collaborators in fulfilling the wholeness of the dynamic interactions among the people in the room.

July 16-29, 2009 Thursday – Saturday : 8pm Sunday : 6pm

at Unknown Theater
1100 N. Seward Street
Hollywood, CA 90038

$18 Online
$24 At the door / By phone
Call 323-466-7781

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