Alive at Every Moment!

Alive at Every Moment

Every performance is newly born at the moment with performing bodies. Me, you, we, and our bodies are alive and breathe at every moment. We realize the alive-ness of our body, when we move. Blood, skin, body, and spirit remember where they used to be and what they are eager to create in union with breath and movement. Reflecting upon the past, drawing upon the present and reaching into the future, our performances are timeless. Every moment of movement establishes new meaning and relationship. Improvisational body movements bring forth an alive-ness that breaks through the barriers of time and space. Each performance is fresh and is fueled by the power of our awakened body movements.



불멸의 처

Just Look at There feat. Ji-young Jung

Yeo feat. Byung-ju Yoon

Rendering III: Tal